These are dreamers. Just like every one of us. But unlike us, they made their biggest dreams a reality with the same connected tools and devices you and I are holding in our hands, right now. Their stories are inspiring.

What is stopping you from following through on your own dream?

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    Co-founders of ApiHappi

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    Hiruni Senarath Dassanayake
    Planetary Geologist and Planetary Science Educator

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    Co-Founder and CEO of Rhoda

Change our destiny. Realise our Dreams. Achieve even the impossible.

Yet, often we ignore this remarkable gift, and follow the ordinary: With the same devices and tools which were painstakingly envisioned to create the extraordinary.

Today every IOTA of knowledge, resource and technology on earth is accessible to us. This connected world is the fountain of opportunity we have dreamt of. Each one of us owe it to ourselves to fulfil that dream, for our own sake and for that of our collective progress.

In 2022, remember the power to make your ordinary extraordinary is in your hands.